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: Our master bath has had a kind of fish smell in it off and on for the last 12 years and no plumbers have seemed to be able to solve it for us. It is driving us nuts!Any help out there?

Next time you get a fish smell, get a ladder go on the roof and get close to the drain waste vent pipe that exits there. Sniff that and see if it is the same smell.If so, you are experiencing a common condition whereas the waste water in the sewer is warmer than the outside air, and rises out the vent, and should continue to rise and dissipate into the atmosphere. But the moisture and humidity in the air cools the carbon and odor molecules in the air, and they drift back down to the house and into windows and gaps in the siding.

If the odor isn't at the vent, you can suspect an intruder like rodents or squirrels or bats in the attic or in the wall space near the bathroom, or under the crawlspace, or under the tub shower.

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