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: We bought a house built in the late 70's about 8 months ago. Approx 3 months ago we started noticing
: a problem with our water pressure. At first it was fairly mild with just a small drop in pressure. Example:
: low pressure at kitchen faucet when shower running. Lately the problem has increased significantly. Now
: we can run only one spigot at a time or we lose pressure everywhere. Meaning we can not use washer
: and wash dishes or even turn on kitchen faucet at same time. And lately we been having problems even
: when just one spigot is open at a time. Example: Washer pressure is fine until the tub is about half full
: and then suddenly pressure drops almost to almost a trickle. Or you turn on the hose outside to water and
: again at first eveything seems fine, and then a sudden loss in pressure. Our home is still under a home
: warranty that we purchased when we bought the home, and we've had a plumber sent by the insurer out;
: he only tested the pressure coming from the main to the house and said it was at 60, so he didn't know
: what the problem was. We wanted him to check our the entire house and tell us what the problem was,
: but he just kept saying he didn't think the warranty would cover any further investigation. Needless to say
: we are frustrated and anrgy and are still trying to get someone from the warranty company out to find out
: what the problem is first and then tell us whether the "problem" itself is covered. But that's a whole other
: issue. We were wondering if you might have any suggestions on what we might be looking for ourselves?

: Thanks

First look at the area of the cold water coming to the hot water heater.You should have a cold water shutoff at the hot water heater where you can turn off the water, disconnect the hot water heater, screw on a regular hose bibb faucet and a garden hose, and run it for a car wash or fill up of the bathtub and see if you lose pressure. If so, look at the pipe from the water meter to the house. Oftentimes older pipes will develop rust inside the pipe and start to flake, and a piece will lay sideways for a while, but then will turn on edge and slow up the flow, and pressure.If that is what is happening, your warrantee should cover replacement of the water line from the meter to the water heater.

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