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: A previous manager / maintenance man Cut through a fiberglass tub wall to fix the copper pipes on the other side. "Yes, we know it was pretty dumb" He Should have went through the other side through the stucco wall. Oh well.
: Question is there a way to repair this damage without replacing the tub / shower unit?

: Is there some kind of fiberglass repair?

: There is no other structural damage and the floor is concrete slab.

Fiberglass repair is regularly done by boat companies and car repair companies to repair and touch up accidental damage. They put a piece of metal or cardboard with a string in the middle of it through the hole, smear it with fiberglass resin, then lay some pieces of fiberglass matting onto the patch and push on it gently while holding the string, so that the matting is fully soaked in resin and then add a resin and hardener mixture. the technique is an art, but you should be able to get a pretty good patch for your shower. Repair kits are sold at plastics and plexiglass companies, as well as Home Depot. Matching color is whats tough.

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