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Posted by Kay on September 14, 19100 at 23:05:20:
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: 4. The increased KW was due to the tank being waterlogged. When at 60 psi and only 2 gallons of water removed (should allow about 9 gallons before this happens) the pressure would drop to 40 psi, thus causing the pump to come on too often which used the electicity. Draining the tank without removing a valve on the tank to let air out/in did not solve the problem. Removing the pressure guage to allow air in/out will solve the problem. (I could not get the pressure guage off, thus I opened a valve down below it--when it rose to above 65 psi, I reopen/closed this valve to stop the fill, thus until I find out what caused this to happen- DO not use that valve).
The valve I opened seems to be a relief valve.
My tank fills to 65 psi and starts to refill at 45psi after 10 gallons of water comes out, and I was told these psi's are ok. Do not remove the pressure guage before the tank is drained as much as it will before you remove it. As for the valve I used, without getting word from a knowledgeable person--don't touch it.

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