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Posted by hj on September 30, 1998 at 22:05:10:
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The location of the drain seldom refers to the occupancy load. If the tub is symetrical so it can be rotated to either side, then the drain will often be at one end. If it is assymetrical and has a definite front and back, then the drain will be in the center. The drain can be assembled any way that works to allow a tight connection, but the drain should be below the drain fitting to avoid odor buildup in a long pipe.

: I am planning to install a whirlpool tub in an alcove
: 44" wide x 65" deep. The alcove has concrete walls
: and floor.(The alcove is a basement bulkhead fitted
: with a large skylight)

: I want a tub with a center drain to permit use of the
: tub by two people. I am allowing an additional 30"
: extension of the tub platform into the room. A 6 ft.
: long tub will be located about 1 foot in from the front
: of the platform in which it will be set and and about
: 1 foot from the rear wall.
: Question: Is this installation possible? Can the drain
: pipe be attached to the tub prior to setting it in place
: in order to avoid a difficult plumbing connection?
: Does the trap have to be located at the tub or can it
: be located 3-4 ft away from the tub?

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