Re: Smoke tests and Peppermint injection tests
Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on September 30, 1998 at 21:06:14:
In response to Re: Smoke tests and Peppermint injection tests
Bill:---The smoke test is quite graphic in detecting leaks in heat systems...air conditioning duct work ...masonry and "B" type gas vents etc. The principle is quite simple, ignight the smoke candle inside the item or structure to be tested. This can be a static test or done with additional pressure supplied by a small blower. Where ever the smoke escapes there is a fault.
The peppermint oil test is a joke as far as I'm concerned. After you get the first whiff of the peppermint, your nose goes into overload mode, and everything smells of peppermint. Bud

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