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: To install new flooring, I removed the toilet. Once I lifted the toilet, I noticed the flange was cracked. But, thinking it was fine, I simply re-installed the toilet. However, the toilet leaks now from the bottom constantly.
: I am going to remove the toilet again tonight, and plan on replacing the flange. Are these often glued down? Are they generally glued to the floor or to another piece of PVC? If they are glued to PVC, is there anything I should be concerned with when cutting through the old PVC and hooking up to the new PVC??

: Thanks in advance for your help. A simple project
: has suddenly turned complex!!

: Sheila
The flange is built with a coupling on it to connect tightly to the pipe it allows the water to drain into. The flange is also screwed to the floor subfloor to provide mechanical connection to allow the hold down bolts that go through the toilet base something to purchase against and hold the toilet tight against the flange and wax seal. Some plumbertype guys don't glue the coupling part (because they think they might need to move the flange a little bit if the toilet isn't square with the wall once they mount it, and they can loosen, rotate and reconnect the screws). If you are lucky, you can take out the screws in the flange (they're tough to turn out) and pry the flange off the pipe it is connected to. If you're not lucky, you'll need to cut the waste pipe. Is it pvc plastic? Or black ABS? Before you cut it, buy two couplings, glue, about two feet of pipe of the same type as is existing, and a new flange with new wax seal. Cut the waste line with enough room to add a coupling, set the flange onto the sub floor and measure the distance from the face of your new coupling to the face of the coupling on the new flange. Measure the inside of the coupling (from the face to the stop). Is it 1 3/4 inches? double it, since you have two couplings ( the flange and the one on the pipe) add that to your pipe length.Subtract a half an inch to allow for connection. Dry fit these connections to make sure the new flange sits firmly on the floor (not just a little bit above the floor) (Inexperienced plumbers leave the flange too high, and the installed toilet rocks unsteadily upon the flange and cracks it) When its good, glue it and screw the flange down tightly. then install the new wax ring. Sit on the throne.

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