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: Normal practice would have the pump on the returns pumping to the boiler. Since the thermostatic valves would usually be on the pipe at the top of the boiler going to the radiators, I think you want your pump to pont to the boiler.

: : Terry,
: : While replacing some valves on my boiler heating system I opted to also replace the circulating pump gaskets, which were in rather sad condition. Now that cool weather is approaching I believe it's time to finish what I began several months ago. My problem; I can't remember which direction the pump is supposed to flow! Should the direction of flow proceed into the boiler from the pipes or visa versa? There are two sets of pipes (headers) which enter the boiler. One header system has the thermostatically controlled valves, located @ 2' above the boiler, and the other header is directly connected to the pump which is affixed to the boiler. I could ask my wife for advice but then I'd have to go in for therapy. Help!

Hot air and Hot water rises.The boiler has a closed loop system. It heats the water, which rises, and pumps that water from the top, past the thermostat which senses that the water is plenty hot and shuts off the boiler, or senses that that water isn't hot enough, and starts a fire under it, and then pumps that heated water to the radiators. When that heated water radiates its heat through the metal into the room, and cools, that water falls and returns to the boiler as a condensate (through the condensate return manifold [header] which is lower.

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