Re: Which toilet?
Posted by F. Thomas Bilek on September 13, 19100 at 08:47:37:
In response to Re: Which toilet?
I was looking at toilets at the "big store" to replace
the ones in my beach house. I noticed that there
are two sizes of siphon tubes (were the stuff goes)
at the rear of the base of the toilet...some of the toilets
have a 1 5/8 inch inside dia tube, some have a 2 inch
dia tube. Bigger must be better. Also, some have
very complex routing of this tube (probably to increase
the siphon action) and some have one simple bend.
I figure, the simpler the bends, the easier the
stuff goes down. So, I bought the big tube, with
the simple bend. And...the toilets I bought work great.
A side benifit....the most expensive is not always
the best, and, the ones I bought were on the low
end of the price range,

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