Air bound heating system
Posted by Bill M on September 13, 19100 at 08:37:57:
I recently purchased a house with a 2 zone forced hot water heating system. The house was originally heated with steam heated but was converted to forced hot water servral years ago. Heat is provided by circulating hot water through the existing steam raditors.

One of the radiators needed to be moved during remodeling, which was accomplished with little trouble, but now the system will not provide heat to the house because air was introduced when the radiator was moved.

I believe to purge the air from the system it must be 'charged' with water to a certain PSI, the curculator turned on and a drain opened to allow air to escape. I know these steps may have to be repeated several times until the air is removed. I have seen to done, but I do not remember the exact steps. Can some outline the steps, in order, so I can restore heat to this building.


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