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: I just moved into my apartment on Friday. I hooked up my washer and dryer on Sunday and did 4 loads of laundry. I had to leave for acouple of hours and I started another load before I left. When I came home two hours later I heard water running. Like the top of the washer had been left open. But as I walked over to it the whole floor was drenched and there was like 1'1/2 of water on the kitchen floor. I looked over and turned off the water. I looked like the wash had finished its cycle but the drain hose was completely off. The water was coming out of the drain hose. So why is it doing that? I live in an apartment and I don't know who's fault it is. Plus the apartment below us is now flooded because of us. What do I do? Water is not suppose to come up the drain pipe is it?

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The drain hose from your washer should be inserted into the standpipe coming out of the wall and secured. With wire, duct tape, bobby pins or whatever. You are responsible for properly hooking up your stuff. if the hose fell out and caused the problem, write your landlord a big check.

if the drain plugs up, the standpipe will overflow flooding the room and also sometimes causing enough backpressure so that the drain hose will pump itself out of the standpipe if it is only lightly secured. if this caused the problem, be prepared for a long and nasty fight with your landlord over who pays for the damage.

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