Re: Others More was not completely right-Read this
Posted by Kay on September 12, 19100 at 02:54:19:
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1. The fire ants are not around only for water, they get into the electrical boxes and cause the system not to work right.
2. The circuit breaker was only tripped once, thus it is not from overheating this time probably.
3. The water leak outside of the pump was caused by the wrap tighting on the air inlet valve, causing air & water to escape in this Texas extreme heat. Tubing placed over this valve will prevent this.
4. The increased KW was due to the tank being waterlogged. When at 60 psi and only 2 gallons of water removed (should allow about 9 gallons before this happens) the pressure would drop to 40 psi, thus causing the pump to come on too often which used the electicity. Draining the tank without removing a valve on the tank to let air out/in did not solve the problem. Removing the pressure guage to allow air in/out will solve the problem. (I could not get the pressure guage off, thus I opened a valve down below it--when it rose to above 65 psi, I reopen/closed this valve to stop the fill, thus until I find out what caused this to happen- DO not use that valve).

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