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Posted by Eric M. on September 11, 19100 at 22:46:34:
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: I am wanting to put in a water softner. I have heard so many pro's and con's. Some say you can't drink the water or use it to water plant's, grass, tree's etc.
: We have very hard water. Do you hook it up to the hot water only? Any adivise would be appreciated.

I am very happy with my water softener. My house was built with a softener in mind.
It is hooked to all of the plumbing except the outdoor watering and kitchen cold water.
If it is not cost effective to bypass the kitchen cold water, then soften that too.
Watering outdoor plants will require the system to rejuvinate much more often,
though it probably won't kill the plants, it is not good for them.
I have never had a problem with what little salt ends up in the water,
but if you are concerned, there are salt substitute tablets available which can be used
instead. I got tired of the buildup on my dishes and showerheads.

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