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Posted by Terry Love on September 11, 19100 at 21:10:35:
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: Terry, Your web site has been an incredible help. We were just going to go the "big store" that has everything and just buy a Kohler. You have saved us from disaster! We have been looking at Toto toilets, but are unsure which one would be the best for us. We are now confused. We live in a 1930's home, and thus have older plumbing. We are unsure of whether we have a 10" or 12" rough-in, and we won't know until we take out the old toilet. We are trying to get the best toilet we can, for the least $$. Any advice would be very helpful!

The rough-in measurement is taken from the back wall to the hold down bolts on the toilet. Most are in the 12" range, some are 10" or 14"
If your toilet has two pairs of bolts, concern yourself with the ones closest to the wall. Terry

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