Mansfield Alta Low Flush Toillets
Posted by Dean Mathias on September 11, 19100 at 15:24:22:
Mansfield Alto low flush Gravity Toilets

Six months ago I bought a new home from the builders Kaufman and Broad. The home has three Mansfield Alto Low Flush toilets in it. They all function poorly:overflow with solid waste and stop up two to two to four times a week. I have tried to get the builder and manufactuer to address how poorly these low qualty toilets work. Does anyone have concrete evidence of these toilets getting excessive repairs or complaints? Terry states in one of his websites that he is removing about 65% percent of these toilets from new homes. Has anyone else had this experience? I have Consumer Reports (5/98 and 12/95) that give low to average rating to the Mansfield Alto. Does anyone have another source of information regarding how these toilets rate against similar low flush gravity toilets? Any help would be appreciated.

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