septic smell in house
Posted by s barackman on September 11, 19100 at 10:46:50:
for the 2nd time in 5 years the little motor that stirs the stew in our clear water system has gone out...and the smell is coming back in the house through the pipe that empties the drain water from the a/c, HWH and water filtration system and then is being blown through the house via the AC. PEEEUUUUUU not to mention the health hazard...

if it was not for my 77 yr old mom who cannot take the heat
we would open the windows to air out the house as the motor is being sent off to be repaired...which may be 3-4 weeks we were told...

we were also told there is a j-trap that was built into the slab to prevent this from happening ( we filled the pipe w/ 10 cups of water but no results) so we highly suspect it was not put there in the first place...
we would really appreciate some advice or if there is another septic system on the market that we would not have this problem with....we cannot have lateral lines due to the clay land not perking....
can our system be changed out with one that is less hassle?
if you cannot offer advice can you send information on who can?
we are reather desperate at this moment
email me directly
Stephen Barackman

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