Re: Underground copper gas piping, need to relocate.
Posted by hj on September 11, 19100 at 08:49:18:
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I cannot think of any situation where I would be comfortable with gas lines, much less copper ones, under a concrete floor. In fact any gas line under a concrete floor, by code, is subject to very stringent installation rules and it does not appear that your lines are installed according to them. Silver soldering makes a strong joint, but in the process weakens the tubing due to the high heat required. You should contact your building department as to how, or if, they will allow you to extend those lines.

: I am building an attached garage to my house, and the only logical location for the door is where a pair of
: 1/2" copper tubing gas lines rise out of the concrete foundation. I would like to splice and extend the lines
: underground about ten feet to a new location, while getting the city to sign off the work. Unfortunately,
: I can't think of any other solutions which would be cost effective. Can I silver solder them with the joints
: being under the foundation? If not, do you have any suggestions around this problem? Thanks.

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