Re: exhaust venting of gas dryers
Posted by More on September 10, 19100 at 20:28:01:
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: There is a room addition built behind the garage. The laundry roonm is now appox. 18 feet from an outside wall. How do I do a proper venting and what material do I use. Thanks

You could vent straight up, byt that causes condensation headaches. Probably the smartest easiest method is to create a soffit, so that you don't cut and wall studs, and hide the soffit with furniture. Run the dryer vent to the wall of choice in flexible vent hose (they come in six foot lengths, tape them together.) See where you want to penetrate the wall and install a drver vent flap outside. Make a pencil line above and below the flex hose, and screw 1 x 3 into the studs. Cut plywood top, front, and bottom. Add 1 x 3 shims into the top and bottom to make a place to screw the front on, and assemble. Paint.

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