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Posted by More on September 10, 19100 at 20:19:38:
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: Hi, we have 2 bathrooms, home is less than a year old, since we moved here on occasion (about 4 times) we have noticed in the guest bathroom there are these very very tiny wormlike bugs in the water, once flushed, they are gone, but occasionally reappear. What can this be?

If you REALLY want to khow what they are, put some in a small jar, and ask the water company that supplys your water. If you want to just guess, look at them more closely with a magnifying glass. They are larvae of wasps or bees or maybe mosquito, ants or termites in the worm stage. Try dumping a quart of bleach into the toilet tank and turn off the water supply to the toilet. then flush. an hour later repeat. If there are wasp or bee larva in the flush ring of your toilet, they are at the above water line, and occasionally multiply so strongly that they get into the water line and are rinsed into the toilet bowl after the flush but during the fill. Bleach as an aromatic vapor will help to eradicate the larvae, where the water can't rinse them out.

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