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: Hello All,

: I recently removed an unsightly and poorly-functional metal wall radiator. I acquired a cast-iron one from a local church basement (it was NOT connected...just sitting in the basement).

: 1. Does the rust on the bottom part of my "new" radiator mean that it leaks? I've heard that rust on a cast-iron radiator is not an indication of leaking, but no one that I've talked to is too familiar with the project.

: 2. Is there some kind of water/air test I can do with the radiator BEFORE I attempt to hook it up? I'd like to be reasonably sure of its' functionality beforehand, as there is brand new carpeting throughout the room the radiator is going in.

: Thanks for all of your help. I just came across this's amazing!

: Mike
Sure you can test the radiator before installing it. See the inlet and outlet threaded connections? Plug or cap the one outlet with teflon tape on the threads. On the inlet install a bushing (use teflon tape on the threads) to reduce the size to adapt a pipe nipple, a tee, an air pressure gauge to one branch of the tee and an air hose fill valve to the other branch of the tee. Fill the radiator with seven pounds of air and wait an hour to see if the gauge pressure level drops.

Rust on the feet doesn't mean the radiator leaks.

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