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: It does in drains, but toilets have the jets set so that they will determine the direction of the swirl, rather than the Corealis effect. Not sure about the equator, but would guess it could go either way depending on which way it got started.

: : Does water in drains and toilets swirl in the opposite direction south of the equator? What about on the equator? I am in the 6th grade and need help for science class with Mr. Morgan. Thank you very much.

Water in drains at the equator that are just North of the Equator swirl the same way you see them drain. Water in drains just South of the equator, even five feet South swirl in the opposite direction. This is true also in ships on the Ocean like military troop carriers aircraft carriers and luxury liners. The effect is caused by the earths rotation and gravity whereas the gravitational pull is from the center of the earth. Want more information? Type in Coriolis effect in the search engine.

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