Re: Submersible Pump Leak a Problem?-Fireants
Posted by More on September 10, 19100 at 19:18:10:
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: I forgot to mention the fireants have caused problems before in the well house at the electical box between the tank & pump and also at the electrical connection on the tank. The tank sets on sand inside a shed, and I keep the floor covered with Diazon granules which have prevented them from causing this problem again along with using moth balls in the boxes away from the wiring. But outside where the pump is, I sometimes treat around the barrel, but wonder if they could have gotten in and messed anything up with the wiring there.

Don't worry about the fire ants yet, they're coming to get water. The submersible pump should not be allowing any water to get outside of the well supply piping, and if there is a leak, your pipe is losing its prime. That is causing the pump to run too long, get hot, and trip the electrical circuit breaker. The insulation and pipe wrap is to keep the pipe that is not protected underground from freezing. Yes definately turn off the circuit breaker when exploring the pipe for a leak. When you have removed the insulation and find someplace that looks really wet and damp, then turn on the power and see if the pump is pushing out air and water squirting from a leak. You'll probably find rusted or damaged pipe threads at a fitting. If thatt the case, ask a LICENSED plumber to fix the threaded pipe for you, and test for leaks.

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