HELP! Water taste like plastic with H2O softener
Posted by Les on September 08, 19100 at 16:07:41:
Sure hope someone can help us. After living in our new home for 4 1/2 yrs, we decided to install a water softener(GE) in April. We immediately noticed a strong plastic- like smell and taste to the softened water so we complained to GE and they replaced the system. The same thing happened with the next one. Again GE sent out service and they decided to replace it. The third GE softener did the same thing so we took it back to Home Depot for a refund. We then purchased a Kenmore from Sears and it did the same thing, however when the Sears service man checked it he determined that the softener was working properly because the water tasted fine comming directly out of the softener. It wasn't until the water ran throughout our house that the bad smell and taste reappeared. And like before when we would bypass the softener and run hard water through the house the smell and taste would disappear. We thought maybe a poorly vented system might be the problem so we installed a p-trap and left a 1 1/2 inch clearance between the standpipe and the hose. Didn't help. We still have the same problem. We have talked to several soft water experts and the GE and Sears service people said the soft water loop set-up looked fine and couldn't figure out the problem. Any ideas to the cause or a solution to our dilemma? We have been drinking bottled water since, but even brushing our teeth is displeasurable and we are concerned about the water quality and possible contaminants. PLEASE HELP! We are to the point of abandoning the water softener for good and living with both the loss to our wallet and of the supposedly benefits of soft water. THANKS!

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