Submersible Pump Leak a Problem?
Posted by Kay on September 08, 19100 at 07:37:54:
My water well has been using more KW's than usual lately. I drained the tank and a few months later ran out of water because the Circuit breaker was tripped (which has been a 1 time only event in the past 4 years).

I have a deep well submersible pump (500') that now has water coming out of it sometimes (I noticed the sand around it was damp and yesterday saw water flowing out of it which stopped occuring after I unwrapped it). It is outside the water shed. I removed the metal barrel, then the plastic barrel, sack over house insulation and it is still covered with tape & pipe wrap, thus I do not know for sure where the water is coming from yet.

Do these pumps have a pressure relief valve or does this sound like the pump has a problem since my electrical KW's have increased? Is it to early for you to give me a guess of what the problem could be (overheated due to 113 degree days in Texas)?

My knowledge on this subject is zero because I'm a women (good excuse sometimes comes in handy). I have searched some information about them, but have found nothing in troubleshooting them. Any help is appreciated. (If I unwrap the pipe, due to the electrical wires going in, should I turn off the circuit breaker before attempting to see if I can tell where the water is coming from?)

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