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: I I am researching areas that I believe do not currently use computers (excluding for administrative functions). Are there computers used in the area of actual on the job plumbing?
: I can see it being used in design of remodeling and new construction, but not in the repair field. Is this a correct assumption? Is there anywhere else I could research this subject?

: Thanks for your assistance.
Computers are used heavily in the repair field. In the VERY FIRST and obvious place, look at the response to this web page!!!!!!!!!!! This page gets more answered questions each day than financial, news, appliance, and telephone web pages. And the usage is for repairs, that mostly aren't highly professional but are consumer (field) level. Repair plumbers of more than one truck operations are dispatched and routed by computer, serviced for inventoried, used, and back ordered plumbing supplies. Single truck commercial plumbers respond daily(and nightly) to military, industrial, commercial, government, police custody, and specialty use customers and can't carry each and every repair item, and rely heavily on access to repair parts and supplies through the computer system, both on line and local area network. Speaking of network, many commercial plumbers in the same town work as friends and supply each other with a hand, a wrench, a lift, a bowl, air tools, gauges, testers, inspection devices, and change of a dollar. Some repair plumbers ask home depot workers for information, but when they get to the customers job, they then get on their laptop, and try to get information for an operation they aren't quite familiar with. A very large portion of repair plumbing is now being done with an inspection truck that is capable of sending an inspection video camera, light, vcr recorder, and water jet rodder into a pipeline all at the same time. The operator sits in a van truck with a computer console and monitor and joystick to control the remote video inspection camera, and can actually see in real time, and in color, the condition of the pipe, the joints and couplings, imperfections, the distance into the pipe, the diameter, etc. The customers name and contract information can be immediately typed in, and when an obstruction such as a broken chip of pipe can be immediately cleared.

More research? e-mail Terry Love at the above link and ask him about the Bill Gates house and the Spokane experience, or the Directional Drilling Contractors Association or Plumbing Contractors Association in your area.

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