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Posted by More on September 07, 19100 at 23:46:06:
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: Do you think stacking washer and dryer are as
: competent as side by side full size models. I am thinking about stacking my washer and dryer to make room for a laundry tub. I do a great deal of laundry.

Stacking a dryer above a washer is done when ther isn't much room and one doesn't do a great deal of laundry(single persons, elderly, college boys). The capacities are smaller, the time cycles are less, the pumps are smaller, the weights are less. If you use the washing machine daily because clothes are so heavily soiled that you need a laundry tub, you don't want to install stackers. The existing washing machine can be efficiently utilized as a laundry tub to soak clothes. Simply load the clothes, begin the cycle, and let it get to fill, and then stop the cycle. The clothes will soak there in soap and water till you start the cycle agian, then the agitator will start, and the drain cycle will begin, then it'll rince. Neat, Huh?

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