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Posted by More on September 07, 19100 at 23:16:50:
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: We just moved into a condo and would like to turn a closet into our laundry room. The closet backs up to our 1/2 bath. Is it possible to connect the washer drain to the sink drain? Add the hot & cold water connectors to the sink hot and cold water piping? Vent the dryer exhaust to the ceiling vent already in place inthe bathroom?

Yes, all of this is possible, but it's risky since the drains aren't sized or engineered for the extra load you are placing on them. You can cut the drywall on the dryer side of the wall to expose the supply hot and cold water lines, but don't cut into them until you know for sure where the drain will connect, and that drain will need to be vented well. The dryer exhaust can be tee'd into the ceiling vent, but normally the dryer is vented less than five feet to an outside wall to prevent condensation. When you vent the dryer straight up, it makes a higher more humid heat into the vent which cools on it's way up to the roof, and the humid condensate turns to water drops which causes rain inside the dryer vent. That rain falls directly onto the electric ceiling fan, and you don't want to get anywhere close to that can of worms. Contact a LICENSED plumber in your area for an estimate to see if you can dump the dryer exhaust into the drain waste vent stack of the toilet.

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