Re: My EJECTOR PUMP Won't Stop!!!
Posted by More on September 07, 19100 at 23:02:05:
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: My ejector pump, which is about seven years old, has developed the habit of running sometimes for over ten minutes. There's hardly any water in the basin, so there's this "dry" pumping action. I want to know if there's a risk of damage to the mechanism by it running, and what can be the cause. I noticed a pinhole leakage of water from the clamp on the PVC pipe joiner...could this be related? I had put the pump on a timer to shut off the juice most of the day, but that didn't seem right, so I just unplugged the thing. The sump pump on the other side of the basement runs fine. Any advice? Need I call the experts?

Do you see the float that sits in the water? That has a mercury switch in it that allows the small current to pass through it when the float is high to tell the pump to run. When the liquid level drops, the mercury falls away from the contact and tells the pump to shut off. Replace the float switch.

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