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Posted by hj on September 06, 19100 at 08:55:06:
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Where is the valve located? If it is not the main shutoff to the house, then removing the hose faucet, or at least removing the handle assembly, at the main shutoff should eliminate the constant drip. Jut opening the hose faucet will not work, since you should have a backflow preventer on it and that will not let a small flow to escape.

: I am trying to solder a copper valve to a copper pipe of 3/4". I have turned off the water and opened all the faucets in the house. But still I get water dripping through the pipe. I cannot get the valve hot enough to allow the solder to flow. I tried stuffing the pipe with bread to stop the water long enough to heat up the valve and that did not work. I tried to cap the pipe and just blew the thing off with steam build up behind the cap. Help !

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