Toilet Wax Seal
Posted by Mike McCormick on September 06, 19100 at 06:28:40:
Can a toiler be raised as little as 1/16, without needing a new wax seal?

I am considerring a new mosaic floor. The existing tiles were installed very badly and come up with a putty knife.
The tiles are the same thickness and around the toilet I can do them by removing 2-3 of the 1" and replacing them with a 2" and then move to the next.

So all I really need to do is take a minimum amount of weight off the foor.

The toilet doesn't even lay on all of the tiles that are their now.

But, I don't want to mess with the wax seal because the family before me added ceremic tiles over old tiles.
This has made the location of the tank over the toilet very difficult to keep in the proper location. The tank was moved forward and the toilet stayed in the same location but raised by the last layer of tiles.

Thanks in advance

Mike Mc

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