Bad Odor in pipes
Posted by Bill Darlington on September 05, 19100 at 07:23:45:
Hi Terry, I've got a strange problem. We are having a bad odor eminate from the pipes whenever we run water. I don't think that it's the water, so I thought perhaps it was the traps. What's confusing is that it occurrs at every water source. Sinks, showers, toilets.
Backround; Our septic tank was overflowing for a couple of weeks, until we got someone to pump it. The odor was understandable then. We'd run water the tank would overflow, thus the odor. Then we had it pumped. Now when we run water the odor comes right out of the pipes. It is very frustrating. If there is any insight that you could impart, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,
Bill Darlington

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