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Posted by bamina on September 05, 19100 at 00:30:12:
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: After removing a toilet to replace the wax seal, I saw that the floor flange is in very poor condition. In addition, the two screws holding the toilet are rusted in place and their thread rubbed off in my fingers.

: The floor is a cement slab and I could not determine how the flange is held in place from looking at it.

I am an amateur, so you may want to research this, but I had a similar sit.

1.If the flange is pretty bad but the waste pipe seems solid, you can chip away the old flange with a hammer (carefully).

They make a PVC product which can be inserted into the waste pipe, and fitted into existing cast-iron (Oatey is one brand).If the flange is low to ground, you may be able to slide this product in on top of it.

2.If the remaining parts of the flange are sound and there is enough room, they make metal collars that slide underneath.


: Is their any easy way to fix this, or have I met my limitations. The current flange is about a quarte inch below the marble floor that was installed about ten years ago.

: If I do have to call a plumber, what is a fair proce for this job?

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