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the bet fishing spot i have ever been to is sunrise lake on the apache indian reservation. 18 to 25 inch trout, 10 a day limit, catch your limit in one hour sometimes. now can I find out where I can get reimbursed for damage caused by poly buthylene pipe.
p.s. apache indian reservation is in northern arizona
& be sure to use yellow power bait.
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Leo: When I was a boy (70 years ago) I went fishing at that same lake. To this very day I have nightmares as a Result.
My Dad wanted to be there at the crack of dawn so he could get in a full day of fishing. We drove for hours and got there just as the sky was lighting up in the East.
He pulled the truck right up to the edge of the lake, and left the headlights on so he could see to get his fishing gear ready for action. He was standing in his waders with his back to the lake getting his rod and reel put together. Without warning there was a tremendous splashing of water in the headlights beam. So violent was this splashing that the water on the windshield obscured my view from inside the cab.
Could it be that a huge bear had attacked my Dad. Franticly I searched the car for some sort of weapon to deal with what ever it was out there as the water in the lake continued to boil and splash.
All I could find was a tire iron and a length of rope that was used for securing loads on my Dads truck. Terrified, I grabbed the rope and made dash to the front of the truck to see of what assistance I could be. I almost fainted dead away at what my eyes beheld.
There were two monstrous Lake Trout, each at least 6 or 7 feet in length. Each one had a leg and had completely swallowed my Dad up to his hips. Without giving it a second thought, I rushed to my Dad just as he was starting to disappear beneath the stirred up mud and water. I quickly fastened the rope under his arms and around his chest. I took the free end of the rope and tied it to the front bumper of the truck.
My heart was pounding so that I could hear it over the splashing noise from those killer trout. I was to young to drive but I had watched my Dad drive many times, I turned the key in the ignition and the engine caught. I tried desperately to find reverse gear and stalled the engine twice and the truck was now in the Lake up to the front wheels.
I no longer could see my Dad in the water, he had slipped beneath the foaming surface. I managed to find reverse...slowly I let out on the clutch...the rear wheels started to spin but inch by inch the truck started to move backwards away from the lake. I was twenty or so feet away from the edge of the lake yet those huge scaly monster fish hung on to Dads legs. I noticed several other larger fish flopping and thrashing in an attempt to regain there prize on the grassy shore. I continued by backward exit
Eventually the two finny thugs released their grip on Dad and flopped their way back to the lake and disappeared. Dads new waders were ripped and tattered but aside from swallowing some lake water none the worse for wear.
I have never forgotten that fishing trip or that lake, and I never intend to return.
There have been some that dispute this story, or dismiss it as a childish exaggeration. To them I say Hummmph. Anyone who doubts what I have written need only to view the evidence to be convinced of the truth of what I have stated.
I still have the evidence and I guard it carefully...my Dads old tattered waders just as they were on that fishing trip so many years ago.
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