Re: Oil furnace nozzle problem
Posted by Donald Nicholson on September 03, 19100 at 09:37:50:
In response to Re: Oil furnace nozzle problem
Oil does get thicker in cold winter weather, there are a number of questions that I would need to ask before I could tell what the problem really is.
You mention that you change nozzles and set the electrodes but have not had the unit really serviced in awile, that there alone could be a major problem with your system, did you know that an 1/8" layer of soot on your heat exchanger is equal to the equilivant of 1" of insulation. you might have been contributing to global warming by having most of the heat that you need to heat your home go up your chimney and heat the great outdoors, as well as running your fuel bill up.
Secondly, just changing the nozzle and adjusting the electrodes, is not enough to adjust an oil burner, it should be done with instruments by a trained, qualified technition.
As to the problem with the oil, is your tank outside or inside, cold weather will make the oil thicker and harder to burn, but there are ways to take care of that problem, but I would recomend calling a trained, qualified technition to let him decide, after examining the situtation what is the best way to handle the problem.

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