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Posted by Mike McCormick on September 02, 19100 at 21:50:17:
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: I want to remove a small 18" cast iron Hot Water radiator from the upper floor of a two family house.

: When I went into the basement, I shut down the system and turned off the valve that feeds the upper floors.

: Plus, I turned off the radiator's valve and the valve on the only other radiator on that run.

: The water will not stop draining. Where is it coming from. I noticed that the system had no return loop on the line so it dead-ended after it feeds the other (last)radiators on that line. I am dealing with another apartment owner below, so I can't have water running down through the holes where the risers are. I packed them tight with clay and have been draing this at a slow drip. So far I have emptied 16 halves of 5 gallon pails.

: I have been told so many things that I am lost. Some say I cannot just cap the two stubs (supply and return)and must run a line connecting them.

: That dooesn't make sense as I have had that radiator shut-off for two years and that is basically capping it to a lesser extent.

: Others, with no explation, say I need a plumber for such a job.

: Everything is shut off!

: After 25 years as a NYC tinknocker, in building construction, I thought I could handle this. I changed dozens of steam radiators in my other homes.

: Please help me out before the heat has to be turned back on in Oct.

: Thanks in advance
Mike Mc

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