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Posted by Terry Love on September 02, 19100 at 15:46:43:
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: I am about to install a one piece 1.6gpf Kohler toilet in the bathroom I am remodeling on the ceramic tile floor that I also put. Unfortunatelly I have a little step formed between two tiles that go under the toilet. I put the toilet to see how it sits, but it rocks diagonally (like no more than 1/4"). Is there anything I should do to make a stable installation?

Shimming is done when either the floor is off, or the toilet is not flat. Most toilets will have some "rock" even on flat floors. Shimming is sometimes needed. I prefer to shim, and then caulk around the front of the toilet, from bolt to bolt along the front. I leave caulking off the back in case the wax seal leaks. Most of the time, the caulking can be done so the shims don't show. Terry

: And then the toilet is tilted a bit back - half-way deflection of the level bubble. Would this be a problem for the toilet's operation or anything else, and if so, how do I fix it?

: Thank you!

: tjk

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