Gas line grunt work
Posted by Janet L. Anderson on August 31, 19100 at 17:56:56:
I would like to install gas heat in the free standing cottage behind my gas heated house, but I can't afford the equipment until next spring. In the meantime, I'm redoing the brick and sand patio that stands between the cottage and the gas meter while the weather is still nice. I'd like to dig the trench and lay the gas line now so I can finish the patio. I could start digging, but how deep? I could place a length of pipe, but what kind? How much extra should I allow at either end for connection later? I assume both ends should be capped to keep the line clean. It's nearly impossible to find anyone who'll come out just to consult on such a tiny project, contractors in every trade are sooooo busy right now in the Puget Sound area. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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