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: I plan to relocate a gas water heater to an outside wall using a commercial outdoor enclosure. I have about 6 and 1/2 feet between an electrical service box and a bed room window. What is minimum spacing from window or electrical service to the commercial enclosure required by code?
: Thanks, Jack

Commercial code doesn't allow less that 18 inches to the casement for a window to an opening for sleeping quarters, because commercial sleeping quarters usually house employees rather different than residential code. Commercial code requires 24 inches elevation above any spark or flame production device for the pilot light, and you're gonna get flak about the elecrtical panel and an air gap in the exhaust flue. Are you sure you want to do this according to code? If so You have four codes you need to verify: Fire, Electrical, Plumbing, and Gas, as well as the commercail code versus the residential code. Why are you worried about the Code, are you having it inspected? If so, you might think two or three times about doing it yourself, rather than hiring a Professional, Licensed installer. When the heated exhaust gas rises from the heater, close to a bedroom, it opens the carbon monoxide poisoning issue to those sleeping, as well as the combustible gas explosion issue for the non ignited fuels, as well as the structural combustion issues of the dwelling, and the commercial fixture in a residential application issue and the Fire Marshal is gonna have a real headache writing a permit for it.Residential Building and Safety is going to want certifications and calculations for the commercial unit in residential applications, and then they will want Indemnification Insurance and probably a Hold Harmless Agereement. You SURE you want to put it there that way?

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