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Posted by More on August 31, 19100 at 00:36:46:
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: The disposal at my rental unit recently died. I purchsed a new one, however I can't get the old one out. The ring that holds the unit on won't spin (I even tried using a hammer). Any suggestions?

On the new garbage disposer isn't there a tool that looks like an "s" shaped or "z" shaped pry bar? Read the direction for installation. See the ring that holds the unit on has three small loops? Those are for the installation of that pry bar, and the s shape is designed to give your hands the leverage needed to spin the ring. The ring is purposely designed to be tightened like a jam nut, and then the torque of the use of the disposal won't twist it loose. If the tool isn't with the new unit, go back to where you bought it and ask for a ring tool. Or you can use a broken screwdriver if the shaft will fit into the loops on the ring. Be careful when it comes loose, though. God didn't give us enough hands to catch all the stuff that comes flying after applying that much counter torque rotation in that small an area, with so much good sense not to call a LICENSED plumber.

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