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: I have a shallow well (25') I've replaced the pump which was about 24 years old. We don't have great water pressure, but it's liveable. Recently, we've noticed air in the water lines. I'm told that can be a symptom of a partially plugged screen, or a crack in the pipe underground. The house has another well that's not in use. I want to plumb that well to the pump and try drawing off of both wells with one pump.
: Will this work? Will this create more problems than it solves?
: I'm trying to avoid driving a new well, or having one drilled.
: Thanks in advance

First ask yourself why the other well isn't in use. Be real sure it isn't contaminated. If your shallow well is only 25 feet deep, and it's getting air, it is very likely the water table is falling and the pump is good, it's just sucking air. But then you said that you are the one that replaced the pump. Are you sure it had a foot valve correctly installed? The pump sits submerged in water, and when the demand is there, it pushes water up to the pressure tank then stops, and the foot valve closes to prevent gravity from draining the supply line. If the foot valve leaks, the water will fall lower, pulling a plug of air back with it. When the pump starts again, it will push water, but that plug of air will be trapped until you open a faucet and let it out.

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