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: : I just bought an house with a well we went to turn the water on and no water. we checked all the electric conaections and they are good. There is a new pressure tank also. If the pump is running will it be very noticeable to hear? It is underground in a six inch pipe sticking out of the ground. I don't want to pull on anything until I learn more about it. The water hasn't ran for a while does the pump need primed? any help will be greatly appriciated. Chris

: First off, when the pump is running you should not here it. If it is a submersible pump, which it
: sounds like it is, it will not need priming. The pressure tank usually has a pressure gauge nearby.
: Does it show any pressure. Make sure that the breaker is not tripped and there may be an electrical disconnect (switch) either near the pressure tank, or perhaps at the well head itself. Make sure it is on.
: Make sure that the main valve is open. If you can test the voltage at the well head, you should
: have about 220 volts when there is power being sent to the well head from the pressure switch.
: i.e. pressure on gauge is below 25-30 psi. If you have power at the well head and all valves are open and no water, it sounds like you have pump problems.
: But check everything else first.
If you just bought the house,you're unsure of what you see, ask the Realtor to explain why there isn't any water, don't try to fix it yourself. Many houses that have excellent wells also have a shutoff to prevent freeze damage when the house is unoccupied. Realtors will shut these off to prevent vandalism. The new pressure tank probably has a valve between it and the cold water supply to the hot water heater. Is the water heater warm? Is the pilot light burning? Look under the kitchen sink. There is an angle stop there for the cold and another for the hot. Are they open? Same for the bath lavatory and the toilet. If the angle stops are open but the toilet won't flush and fill the tank, there is a valve between the well and the hot water heater. The well supply pipe runs underground so it won't freeze until entering the house heated area or crawl space. Look for insulation at the ground level. Is there a protrusion off the insulation that looks like it encases a valve and a handle sticks out? open that valve, you'll have water.

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