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Posted by More on August 30, 19100 at 23:53:52:
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: Hi,
: I have a 2 yrs old electric water heater and there is water continuously dripping out of the pipe that
: connected to the T&P relief valve. Could this be a pressure problem or a bad valve problem? And
: how do I check for which? I think this is not a temperature problem bc the water isn't that hot.
: Also, can you tell me whether this is an emergency or not since the water has been dripping out of
: the pipe for a month now. Thanks in advance

The TPR Temperature Pressure Relief valve is like any other valve that has a washer toclose off the water from leaking, except this one uses a pressure regulated thermostat like in the car radiator system. Maybe the water heater is only two years old but the valve is reused from before. Anyway if its constantly leaking replace it. It isn't TRULY an emergency since it is leaking and not allowing pressure to build in the heater. It is a safety valve designed to allow the heater to work at a safe, near to water boiling temperature, while protecting against explosion of the tank in the event pressure builds too high. Protect yourself and your family. Replace it now.

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