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Posted by More on August 30, 19100 at 23:37:46:
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: I have a four inch lead waste line pipe exiting my bathroom. I wanted to make a clean cut through it. What can I use to do this??

Are you sure its lead? Are you REAL sure? Do you have kids? Watch your p's and q's. Lead pipe is fairly soft and cuts pretty easily with a sawzall and a long blade, but the first third of the cut is easier than the second third, and the blade bites into and tries to collapse the pipe walls, and tries to pull the sawzall out of your hands, and becomes VERY difficult to maintain a straight and clean cut. The lead particles that become airborne are carried into the living quarters and are VERY dangerous to infants and childrens lungs and respiratory system the cooler air air where you are working will draft upward to where the warmer spaces whare the children are. So you're asking for trouble if you aren't a LICENSED contractor and aware of the liability issues. Professionals can cut the soft lead pipe if they must, but they also are aware of the protection they must provide, and will go to lenghts to remove the lead and install a safer material. Please be cautious, consider hiring a LICENSED professional plumber, and think about the lead dust that will remain exposed to the children of the next buyer of your repaired house.

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