Re: adding addition- can I use an angle connect to my main drain pipe
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: When the new addition is built the final connection from the new crawl space toward the existing basement to the main drain will have about 4-5' of height to span about 7-8' to a drain cover on the main stack. The angle of this cover is about 60 degrees. I'm planning to use PVC and I need to get a vent configuration in the plan. I also will need to find a way to run a sink and shower drain and vents from this second floor starting point.

: Is there a diagram of this type of configuration and where would it be found? Should I plan to have all my fixtures on the wall closest to the old addition where the main drain is located? Is it possible to run the pipes of the sink and shower in a 5' run of 10" joists? With that in mind then should I have another wall built below to house the new pipes needed? This is not ideal for the appearance of the wide open great room below. Do I have to find a way to extend the old main drain over to the new drain pipe? The existing toilet is now connected to this. I'm wondering if I can get away with just one new vent pipe and what conditions that would require?

: Thank you for consideration of these. I want to do this myself. The blueprints are being drawn up and I need to have this figured out. Thanks again.

The kind of information you are asking for is readily available to you at the local library with drawings and scales and angles. The Building department that is going to approve the set of plans you draw up also has the drawings and calculations. The engineering that goes into the drawing that you want to do yourself may be a little bit more than you want to get in to, since when you ask for a little bit of advice you get a little bit of (slanted) information. Contact a LICENSED plumbing contractor and see about a consultation fee. Ask for help, but be willing to pay for what you don't know. If you try to do this with free advice and recommendations, you are going to submit plans to the building department that don't have the calculations and specifications correct, and you'll be spending good money for re submitted plans and engineering calculation reviews. The drain cover on the main stack that you intend to pipe into is probably a cleanout. You'll need to design a cleanout into your addition plans, and then add another cleanout to replace the one you eliminate with your tie in.

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