Re: 180 foot rise from well location to home - design help needed
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: I am building a new home at my farm and it will be 180 feet above (and 2400 feet away from) the current well location. THis presents about 90 psi of additional water pressure to the 50 psi house needed pressure (140 psi total). I want to control the pump from the well location due to the long distance from the home.

: Will it be reliable to pipe this distance underground with 150 psi pressures on the pipe? Schedule 40 or something else?

: I was thinking of putting the pressure switch (and tank)at the house and run 14 gage (or lighter?) control wire to the well with a relay switch to switch the local power to the pump... Any better way?

: THanks for the guidance!

Sure there's lots of better ways. First thing to do is ask a LICENSED well driller pump installer to estimate the work for you. Second don't try increasing pressure in a confusion with gallons per minute at vertical depth of water. If the current well position has the water depth at 100 feet and is a 1 horsepower pump delivering 50 psi to the house, and you want to increase the height by 180 feet, then you simply need to ensure you have a pump installed that is large enough to provide that amount of head. The 2400 foot distance is a friction matter of pipe interior wall to flow ratio. As long as the supply pipe is not vented or doesn't have a lot of elbows to increase friction, then the pump pressure of 50 psi will remain constant against the supply pipe and sidewalls and glue joints as a pressure of water pressure measured against atmospheric pressure. Check your homeowners warrantee records to see which manufacturer's pump you have existing, and refer to them for advice.

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