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Posted by More on August 30, 19100 at 22:52:09:
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: i was wondering if you could tell me how to unplug my kicthen sink because it keeps on over flowing.

Does it have a garbage disposal? Is it a two basin kitchen sink? Buy a plunger. Put water in both sinks about three inches. Have a helper push a towel over one of the drains to keep water from coming back up when you plunge. Put the plunger over the other hole and slowly push down to purge the air out of the plunger. Then forcefully rapidly pull up and quickly push back down without lifting the plunger off the sink drain or out of the water. What this does is cause the weight of the water to be jerked back and forth against whatever is in the drain causing the stoppager (potato peelings cilantro, celery stalks and carrot shavings) If that doesn't work, post back on this page and ask for help in roto snaking the sink trap and drain.

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