Problem fitting old wall mount, American Standard
Posted by Jeff on August 30, 19100 at 10:53:11:

I live in Seattle... so if you can resolve this, your company is hired!

We have an American Standard, wall mount tank that just cracked and made a huge mess. This particular model was made in 1929... I found another American Standard tank that was manufactured in 1942. The tanks look identical (same size, design, lids, etc.) except the newer tank has a drain located closer to the front (the old tank had a centered drain). Needless to say, I am unable to match the 2" pipe between the tank and bowl. The bowl is mounted only 6.5" from the wall, so this does not give me much to work with. If the bowl had been mounted 8 or 9" from the wall, I could easily accomodate by using a longer L pipe. I have trimmed the pipe as much as possible, but still can't make it work. The drain is just too far out from the wall.

Any suggestions?

Do you know of any off-set pipe that would accomodate for a 1-1/2" difference. thank you for your help.

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