Terry, hj, more...wadda ya think?
Posted by Craig on August 30, 19100 at 10:02:17:
Hey guys, I'm almost done with my shower addition. I wet vented the 2in drain into a T fitting below the toilet flange, just like I showed on my drawing that was approved by the building inspector. The inspector came out yesterday and gave it his blessing. But in the back of my mind I kept hearing Terry say "every trap needs a vent," so I laid some plywood over the hole and installed the toilet and flushed it and what-d-ya-know, it gurgled water outta the trap. So, as I see it I have two options besides just letting it gurgle:
1. I could T into the drain line and run 2in to the sink drain near where it T's into the soil stack, or, and here's where I need the advice: 2. I seen this thing at the depot called an in-line vent, which I guess is a kind of one-way air valve. Again I would T off the drain line but instead of running up the wall, I could install this doohicky so it pops out of the floor right behind the john. You guys ever hear of this thing? Does it work? Is it code? Our building inspector is 6 or 700 years old.
Thaks for your help! Craig

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