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Posted by Terry Love on August 29, 19100 at 20:45:11:
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: My neighbor has a low-flow pressure toilet. She went on vacation and came back to find that her toilet had exploded. I have a Kohler low-flow pressure toilet and I'm worried that it may explode. This is not a joke, even though you are probably laughing. What maintainence should I provide my toilet so it will not explode?

There were some tanks manufactured within about a two month period with bad welds. A weld would go, and then the air from the tank would lift up the tank lid and drop when the air was done. When this has happened, you would be looking at a new tank lid and a replacement pressure tank. There has been no water damage from what I have heard. if your's was within the worrisome two month period and you have registered with the warranty card that came in the tank, you would have been notified . There have been thousands installed that have no problems, the percentage of problems was very small. No water damage, or injuries. There have been some broken tank lids that dropped back down hard.

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