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Posted by hj on August 28, 19100 at 00:24:30:
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There are several considerations about the ejector pump system. First, is it a two pump system? Second, if so, does it have an electronic alternator system to equalize the pump usage? Does it also have a high level override to start the second pump if the first one does not work or cannot keep up with the flow for some reason and give you a notice if it happens? Does it have an alert light and/or bell to warn of a potential overflow, and is it connected to the water supply so that in the event of a malfunction or power failure, the water flow will be cut off so no plumbing can be used and therefore you will not get flooded. If you can answer YES to all these questions and you really like the house, you and the pump system should get along quite well. Over a span of several years, you may spend more that you would with a sewer system, but the other considerations may make it worthwhile.

: I am considering buying a house that has an automatic sewage ejection system because the lot, in a development of 17 houses, is below the level of the city sewers. My father (who is not a plumber but has some plumber friends)says I'm asking for trouble with such a system. Is this a case of father knows best or should I look for a house on a lot level with the sewer?

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